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Are you the right Canidate for microblading?

  Please Note, the remaining Balance for this service has to be paid in CASH!

We DO NOT ACCEPT: Zelle, Cashapps.... ONLY CASH.

Thank you!

Are you a candidate for microblading?

You should not receive this service if, read below:

- You are pregnant

-Breast Feeding (ask Doctors Permission)


- If you are Diabetic ( Ask Doctors Permission, bring a note if necessary)

- Have a bleeding Disorder

- Allergy to Metals, Lidocaine, Epinephrine, Antibiotics

-Have Hemophilla

- Have scar tissue in the procedure area

-Have Keloid Skin  ( if you have tattoos already and your skin healed OK - then use your personal discretion )

-Excessive oily skin  (microshading is the best option, because the microblading hairstrokes can fade much sooner)

-Chronic Skin Condition in the face such as:  Rosacea, Eczema, Acne, Etc

-Overally Sensitive skin.. this can cause bruising

-Autoimmune Disorder & Easily gets infection (ask for Doctors permission)

-Went Under Chemo or Radiation within the last 6 months! Results will vary..(ask your doctor for permission) 

-Inflamed Skin the day of service

 To Prepare for your Visit

PLEASE follow the DIRECTIONS below  to have the  "BEST "RESULTS FOR YOUR BROWS....IF NOT FOLLOWED , this will EFFECT THE RESULTS OF YOUR BROWS .....GUARANTEED!    Keep in mind this is a investment, so follow these steps to ensure your investment is not wasted.


  • Do NOT drink CAFFEINE or ENERGIZER drinks the DAY of your service!!!.. this will cause you to BLEED very easily, which will AFFECT  the outcome of your NEW brows, during the procedure & after!

  • Do NOT drink Alcohol 24 hours before your scheduled appointment!!! This will also AFFECT the outcome of your brows. During the process, you will bleed excessively- which will make it hard for the pigment to enter your skin.. this applies to caffeine as well!

  • Discontinue any Acne Medications for at least a MONTH.. these medications thins the skin!

  • DO NOT Take any blood thinners within "2 Days" of your appointment, such as: Advil, Aspirin, Vitamin E, Ibuprofen!

  • DO NOT Tan  or receive Laser Treatments within 2 weeks of your appointment, this will affect the appropriate color match for your skin & brows!
  • NO Chemical peels, Botox, MIcrodermabrasions, or mesotherapy within 3 weeks of your scheduled appointment. This will affect the outcome of your brows!

  • PLEASE Go ahead and schedule your 4-6 week touch up appointment now, only if you are a candidate for microblading. To ensure you have a guaranteed appointment- because slots go fast!. Going outside this window may result in a up charge of $15. Please be prepared if this happens.. YES! The touch up appointment is REQUIRED, to achieve the final look for your brows. This will be explained more in depth, when you come in for your appointment.. Again, please make sure you book your 4-6 week follow appointment now, after you book your initial appointment.

  • Please note: If you come in on your cycle, you MAY be more sensitive!

Thank you so much for considering Her Essence Beauty for your beauty needs! We will try to make sure you are as comfortable,relaxed, and satisfied with your overall experience!

If you have any additional questions, you can text us or leave a message at 770.988.7902, someone will get back to you soon at our earliest convenience


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